A Guide to the Poker Chip Les Paul: The Ultimate Collector’s Item

For guitar enthusiasts and collectors, the Poker Chip Les Paul is the ultimate treasure. This limited edition Les Paul model is a rare and highly sought-after item, with a unique appearance and a fascinating history. Whether you’re a guitar player, a collector, or simply a fan of the Les Paul brand, the Poker Chip Les Paul is a must-have addition to any collection.

History of the Poker Chip Les Paul

The Poker Chip Les Paul was first introduced in 2006 as a limited edition model by Gibson, the renowned guitar manufacturer. This special edition Les Paul features a striking and distinctive appearance, with a red and black “poker chip” design around the volume and tone knobs. The design pays homage to the early 1960s Les Paul models, which also featured this unique feature.

Unique Features and Specifications

In addition to the eye-catching poker chip design, the Poker Chip Les Paul boasts all the high-quality features that the Les Paul brand is known for. This includes a mahogany body, a maple top, and a set neck for that classic Les Paul tone and sustain. The guitar is also equipped with Gibson’s renowned Burstbucker Pro pickups, providing a powerful and dynamic sound that is perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

Collectibility and Value

Due to its limited production and unique design, the Poker Chip Les Paul has become a highly collectible item among guitar enthusiasts and collectors. As a result, the value of these guitars has steadily increased over the years, making them a smart investment for anyone looking to add a valuable and sought-after item to their collection.

Where to Find a Poker Chip Les Paul

As a limited edition model, finding a Poker Chip Les Paul can be a challenge. However, they do occasionally come up for sale through online marketplaces, auction sites, and specialty guitar shops. If you’re in the market for a Poker Chip Les Paul, be prepared to act quickly, as these guitars tend to sell fast due to their rarity and demand among collectors.


The Poker Chip Les Paul is a remarkable and highly coveted collector’s item. Whether you’re a guitar player or a collector, owning one of these special edition Les Pauls is sure to be a source of pride and joy. With its unique appearance, exceptional sound, and increasing value, the Poker Chip Les Paul is a must-have addition to any collection.

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