An Exclusive Interview with Hadley Gamble: Imran Khan’s Vision for Pakistan’s Future

Recently, CNBC’s international correspondent Hadley Gamble sat down with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss his vision for the future of the country. In the interview, Khan highlighted his government’s efforts to tackle economic challenges, improve governance, and promote social welfare.

Economic Challenges and Reforms

Prime Minister Khan acknowledged the economic challenges facing Pakistan, including inflation, a widening fiscal deficit, and low foreign reserves. He emphasized the need for structural reforms to address these issues and create a more conducive environment for investment and growth. Khan’s government has implemented measures to boost exports, attract foreign investment, and improve tax collection to strengthen the country’s economy.

Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts

Khan’s commitment to good governance and anti-corruption efforts was a key focus of the interview. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in government institutions and highlighted measures taken to tackle corruption and improve efficiency. Khan’s government has launched initiatives to streamline bureaucratic processes, digitize government services, and create a more business-friendly environment.

Social Welfare and Human Development

Improving social welfare and human development indicators is a priority for Prime Minister Khan. He discussed initiatives aimed at providing access to education, healthcare, and social protection for all segments of society. Khan’s government has implemented programs to expand healthcare coverage, improve education quality, and provide financial assistance to vulnerable populations.

Foreign Policy and Regional Stability

In the interview, Khan also addressed Pakistan’s foreign policy and regional stability. He emphasized the importance of maintaining positive relations with neighboring countries and promoting peace and stability in the region. Khan highlighted efforts to strengthen ties with key international partners and engage in constructive dialogue to address regional challenges.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s interview with Hadley Gamble provided valuable insights into his vision for Pakistan’s future. His government’s focus on economic reforms, good governance, social welfare, and regional stability reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing the country’s challenges and unlocking its potential.

As Pakistan continues on its path towards progress and development, Prime Minister Khan’s leadership and policies will play a critical role in shaping the country’s future.

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