Exploring Career Opportunities at Procter and Gamble’s Greensboro, NC Location

About Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble, also known as P&G, is a multinational consumer goods corporation with a wide range of products in beauty, grooming, health, fabric care, and home care. The company has a strong presence in over 180 countries and has been in the business for over 180 years. P&G’s mission is to provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers.

The Greensboro, NC Location

The Greensboro, NC location of Procter and Gamble is a major hub for the company’s manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States. The site has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, and it is a key part of P&G’s commitment to delivering product excellence and environmental sustainability.

Career Opportunities

Procter and Gamble’s Greensboro, NC location offers a wide range of career opportunities in various fields, including manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, logistics, research and development, quality assurance, and more. The company is committed to nurturing and developing talent, and it provides a supportive and inclusive work environment for its employees.


With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, P&G’s Greensboro location offers excellent opportunities for individuals interested in manufacturing careers. Whether it’s production, packaging, or quality control, there are plenty of opportunities to make a meaningful impact on the company’s operations.


For those with a passion for problem-solving and innovation, the engineering roles at P&G’s Greensboro location are an ideal fit. Whether it’s process engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering, there are opportunities to work on exciting projects and contribute to the company’s success.

Supply Chain and Logistics

The Greensboro location also provides numerous opportunities in supply chain and logistics, including roles in procurement, inventory management, transportation, and distribution. These roles are vital to ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of products to customers and consumers.

Research and Development

For individuals interested in driving innovation and creating new products, the research and development roles at P&G’s Greensboro location offer exciting possibilities. From formulating new products to testing and refining existing ones, the R&D team plays a crucial role in P&G’s success.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring that P&G’s products meet the highest quality standards is a top priority, and the quality assurance team at the Greensboro location plays a key role in achieving this. From testing and analysis to continuous improvement initiatives, there are excellent opportunities for those with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.

How to Apply

Interested in exploring career opportunities at Procter and Gamble’s Greensboro, NC location? Visit the company’s official website to browse current openings and submit your application online. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, P&G welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and is dedicated to providing a supportive and rewarding work environment for all employees.

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