Exploring the History of Gamble Mansion and its Sugar Mill

Located in Ellenton, Florida, the Gamble Mansion and its sugar mill provide a fascinating glimpse into the history of the region. Built in the mid-1800s, the mansion and sugar mill have played a significant role in the development of Florida’s sugar industry and its ties to the antebellum South.

The Gamble Mansion

The Gamble Mansion, also known as the Gamble Plantation, is a historic plantation house that was built by Major Robert Gamble in 1844. The mansion is the only surviving antebellum plantation house in South Florida and is a prime example of the architecture and lifestyle of the 19th-century plantation era.

The mansion served as a home for Major Gamble and his family, as well as a hub for the plantation’s operations. It features Greek Revival-style architecture, with grand columns and a sprawling veranda that overlooks the surrounding landscape. The interior of the mansion is filled with period furnishings and decor, giving visitors a sense of what life was like for the wealthy plantation owners of the time.

The Sugar Mill

Adjacent to the mansion is the Gamble Plantation Sugar Mill. The sugar mill was an essential part of the plantation’s operations, as sugar production was a major industry in Florida during the 19th century. The mill was powered by a steam engine and utilized a complex system of rollers and presses to extract juice from sugar cane and process it into sugar. Today, the sugar mill serves as a testament to the once-thriving sugar industry in the region.

Preservation and Restoration

In 1927, the State of Florida acquired the Gamble Mansion and surrounding property, preserving it as a historic site. The mansion and sugar mill have since undergone extensive restoration efforts to ensure their continued preservation for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Visitors to the Gamble Mansion and sugar mill can take guided tours of the grounds and explore the historic buildings and surrounding gardens. The site provides a fascinating opportunity to learn about the history of Florida’s plantation era and the impact of the sugar industry on the region’s development.


The Gamble Mansion and its sugar mill are important historic landmarks that offer a unique insight into the history of Florida’s sugar industry and its ties to the antebellum South. Visiting the site provides an opportunity to step back in time and experience the grandeur and complexity of plantation life during the 19th century.

For those interested in history, architecture, and the economic and social dynamics of the antebellum South, the Gamble Mansion and sugar mill are must-see destinations in Florida. Their preservation and restoration serve as a testament to the significance of the site as a living piece of history.

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