Exploring the History of Old Time Poker in the New York Times Crossword


The New York Times Crossword puzzle has been a beloved feature of the newspaper since its inception in 1942. Over the years, the puzzle has featured numerous themes and topics, including references to the game of poker. In this article, we will explore the history of old time poker in the New York Times Crossword and how it has been depicted in the puzzle over the years.

Early References to Poker in the Crossword

Early iterations of the New York Times Crossword puzzle often included references to classic poker hands and terms. Players would come across clues like “Two pair in poker” or “Card game with a royal flush” as they worked their way through the puzzle. These references to poker served as a nod to the game’s popularity and influence in American culture.

Evolution of Poker References in the Crossword

As the crossword puzzle evolved, so did the references to poker. Instead of just mentioning specific poker hands or terms, the puzzle began to incorporate more thematic elements related to the game. Clues might feature famous poker players, iconic casinos, or even the history of the game itself. This allowed for a more immersive and engaging experience for crossword enthusiasts who were also fans of poker.

Modern Depictions of Poker in the Crossword

Today, the New York Times Crossword continues to feature nods to old time poker, but with a modern twist. Clues might reference the rise of online poker, the impact of televised poker tournaments, or the evolving strategies of professional players. This reflects the ongoing influence of poker in popular culture and its ability to adapt to changing times.


The history of old time poker in the New York Times Crossword is a testament to the enduring appeal of both the game and the puzzle. From its early references to classic poker hands to its modern depictions of the game’s evolution, the crossword has embraced poker as a timeless and beloved theme. As crossword enthusiasts continue to enjoy the challenge of the puzzle, they can look forward to encountering even more nods to the rich history of old time poker.

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