Finding Hope and Help: Gambling Anonymous in San Diego

Compulsive gambling can be a devastating addiction that affects individuals and their families. In San Diego, there is a lifeline for those struggling with gambling addiction – Gambling Anonymous (GA) meetings.

What is Gambling Anonymous?

Gambling Anonymous is a support group for individuals who are struggling with compulsive gambling. It follows a similar model to Alcoholics Anonymous, offering a 12-step program and a supportive community for individuals to share their experiences and seek help.

How Can Gambling Anonymous Help?

Attending GA meetings can provide a sense of community and understanding for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. Through sharing experiences and providing support to one another, members can find hope and inspiration to overcome their addiction.

Finding GA Meetings in San Diego

In San Diego, there are numerous GA meetings held throughout the week at various locations. Meetings are typically free to attend and are open to anyone struggling with gambling addiction. To find a meeting near you, you can visit the GA website or contact the local San Diego chapter for more information.

Seeking Professional Help

While GA meetings can be a valuable resource for individuals struggling with gambling addiction, it is also important to seek professional help. There are numerous treatment options available in San Diego, including therapy, counseling, and support groups specifically tailored to address gambling addiction.


For individuals struggling with gambling addiction in San Diego, there is hope and help available through Gambling Anonymous meetings. By seeking support from a community of individuals who understand their struggles, and by seeking professional help, individuals can take the first steps towards overcoming their addiction and rebuilding their lives.

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