Hadley Gamble: How Her Salary Reflects Her Importance at CNBC

Hadley Gamble is a prominent journalist and reporter for CNBC, known for her excellent coverage of Middle Eastern affairs and international business. Gamble’s salary reflects her importance at CNBC and her incredible work in the field of business journalism.


Hadley Gamble began her career in journalism after completing her education at the University of London. Over the years, she has worked for several major news outlets, honing her skills as a business reporter and gaining a deep understanding of international business and finance.

Contribution to CNBC

Since joining CNBC, Gamble has made a significant impact with her in-depth reporting and insightful analysis of global business trends. Her coverage of the Middle East has been particularly noteworthy, providing CNBC viewers with valuable insights into the region’s business landscape and geopolitical developments.

Recognition and Salary

Hadley Gamble’s important role at CNBC is reflected in her salary, which is indicative of her expertise and contribution to the network. Her dedication to delivering high-quality reporting has earned her recognition and respect within the industry, further underscoring her significance at CNBC.


As a journalist, Hadley Gamble plays a crucial role in delivering accurate and timely information to CNBC’s audience. Her salary is a testament to her importance at the network, and her dedication to her craft makes her an invaluable asset to CNBC’s team of reporters and anchors.

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