How Bear River Casino is Tackling Rising Gas Prices and Its Impact on Visitors


With the ever-increasing gas prices, individuals and businesses alike are feeling the strain on their budgets. One sector that is significantly impacted is the tourism industry, as travelers are more hesitant to embark on long-distance trips due to the high fuel costs. However, Bear River Casino, located in Loleta, California, has implemented various strategies to tackle this issue and ensure that visitors continue to have a rewarding experience.

Offering Fuel Incentives

One way Bear River Casino is combating the impact of rising gas prices on its visitors is by offering fuel incentives. The casino has partnered with local gas stations to provide discounted or even free fuel for players who meet certain criteria. By presenting their casino player’s card, visitors can receive a significant reduction in their gas expenses, thereby encouraging more frequent visits despite the challenging fuel prices.

Promoting Local Attractions

Recognizing that not all visitors are solely motivated by gambling, Bear River Casino actively promotes the wide range of local attractions available in the surrounding area. By highlighting the beauty of the Redwood Coast and nearby activities such as hiking, camping, and coastal tours, the casino aims to entice visitors who might be hesitant to make the long journey purely for gaming purposes. By diversifying the visitor experience, Bear River Casino lessens the impact of high gas prices, showcasing that a trip to their establishment can be part of a larger vacation plan.

Encouraging Carpooling and Public Transportation

Bear River Casino understands the importance of eco-friendly practices and reducing carbon emissions. To address the challenge of rising gas prices, the casino actively encourages carpooling among visitors through various incentives. Additionally, they promote public transportation options, providing shuttle services from nearby towns and actively assisting visitors in utilizing public transit to reach the casino. By promoting alternative transportation methods, Bear River Casino aims to make visiting their establishment both convenient and affordable for all.

Investing in Online Gaming Platforms

To combat the challenges posed by rising gas prices, Bear River Casino has also expanded its online presence by investing in robust and user-friendly gaming platforms. By offering a range of casino games online, the casino aims to attract visitors who may prefer to enjoy their gaming experiences from the comfort of their own homes rather than traveling long distances. This online presence provides an alternative for individuals who are deterred by the cost of fuel, ensuring that the casino can continue to thrive even amidst fluctuating gas prices.


As gas prices continue to rise, the tourism industry faces a significant challenge. However, Bear River Casino has taken proactive measures to tackle this issue head-on. By offering fuel incentives, promoting local attractions, encouraging alternative transportation methods, and investing in online gaming platforms, the casino ensures that visitors can still enjoy their experiences without being overly burdened by gas expenses. These strategies not only benefit the casino but also contribute to the local economy and maintain the thriving tourism industry of the Redwood Coast.

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