Inside Look at Gambler Rigs: The Secrets of Rigging the Game

The Art of Rigging

Rigging a game is the act of manipulating the outcome in favor of one party, typically the person rigging the game. This can be done using various methods such as using weighted dice, marked cards, or tampering with the mechanisms of a game to ensure a certain result. While rigging a game is considered illegal and unethical, it has been a practice that has played a role in the world of gambling for centuries.

Historical Perspective

Rigging games has a long and storied history, with tales of rigged games dating back to ancient times. In the 19th century, widespread rigging in gambling establishments led to the development of regulatory bodies and laws to prevent cheating. Despite these measures, rigging still occurs in modern times, albeit in a more discreet manner.

Techniques of Rigging

There are numerous ways in which a game can be rigged. Some common techniques include using loaded dice, which are modified to land on specific numbers, and marked cards, which are subtly altered to give a player an advantage. Another method is tampering with the internal workings of a game, such as a roulette wheel, to control the outcome. These techniques require skill and discretion to execute without detection.

The Consequences of Rigging

Rigging a game can have serious consequences for the perpetrator, ranging from legal repercussions to loss of reputation and livelihood. In the world of gambling, where integrity and fairness are paramount, being caught rigging a game can mean being banned from casinos and facing criminal charges.


While rigging games may seem like a profitable and enticing endeavor for some, the risks and consequences far outweigh any potential gain. The world of gambling relies on trust and honesty, and those who attempt to manipulate the outcome of games ultimately face dire consequences. It is essential for the integrity of the industry that measures continue to be taken to prevent rigging and ensure fairness for all gamblers.

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