Mastering the Elden Ring Deaths Poker Build: A Guide for Players

With the highly anticipated release of Elden Ring, players are diving headfirst into the vast world of the game, eager to uncover its hidden secrets and master its challenging combat system. One popular build among players is the Deaths Poker Build, which focuses on maximizing damage output and agility. In this guide, we’ll explore how to effectively use the Deaths Poker Build to dominate in Elden Ring.

Understanding the Deaths Poker Build

The Deaths Poker Build is centered around using high-damage, fast-hitting weapons to quickly dispatch enemies before they have a chance to retaliate. This build prioritizes agility and precision, making it a great choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. In addition to dishing out heavy damage, the Deaths Poker Build also emphasizes dodging and evading attacks, allowing players to stay mobile and proactive in combat.

Choosing the Right Weapons and Armor

When creating a Deaths Poker Build, it’s important to select the right weapons and armor to maximize its effectiveness. Look for weapons with high critical hit damage and fast attack speed, such as daggers or rapiers. These weapons will allow you to quickly stack damage on your opponents and take them down before they can mount a defense.

For armor, prioritize lightweight and agile options that allow for quick movement and dodging. Focus on increasing your agility and evasion stats, as these will be crucial for staying nimble and avoiding enemy attacks. Additionally, consider investing in gear with critical hit bonuses to further bolster your damage output.

Mastering Dodging and Evasion

With the Deaths Poker Build, mastering dodging and evasion is key to staying alive and dealing damage effectively. Practice timing your dodges to avoid enemy attacks and position yourself for counterattacks. Take advantage of your agility to quickly maneuver around enemies and strike from unexpected angles.

Keep in mind that the Deaths Poker Build relies on precision and finesse in combat. Instead of trading blows with enemies, focus on evading their attacks and striking with swift, calculated strikes. With practice, you’ll be able to dance around opponents and chip away at their health without taking much damage yourself.

Enhancing Your Build with Skills and Abilities

To further strengthen your Deaths Poker Build, consider investing in skills and abilities that complement its playstyle. Look for abilities that improve critical hit chance and damage, as well as those that increase your agility and mobility in combat. By tailoring your character’s skills to align with the Deaths Poker Build, you can unlock its full potential and become a formidable force on the battlefield.


As you venture into the world of Elden Ring, mastering the Deaths Poker Build can give you a competitive edge in combat. By prioritizing agility, precision, and high-damage weapons, you can swiftly dispatch enemies and emerge victorious in even the most challenging encounters. With practice and dedication, you’ll become a true master of the Deaths Poker Build, dominating foes with swift, calculated strikes and evasive maneuvers.

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