Meet the Voice of WFYI: Sharon Gamble


Sharon Gamble is the familiar and friendly voice that many WFYI listeners have come to know and love. As a long-standing member of the WFYI team, Sharon has been a consistent presence on the airwaves, bringing insightful commentary and engaging interviews to the Indianapolis community.

Early Career

Sharon’s passion for broadcasting and storytelling began at a young age. She studied journalism in college and quickly found her calling in the world of radio. Her early career included stints at various radio stations, where she honed her skills as a reporter and host.

Joining WFYI

Sharon joined the WFYI team in the early 2000s and quickly made her mark on the station. Her warm and inviting voice, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of local and national issues, made her a perfect fit for the station’s programming.

Role at WFYI

Sharon’s role at WFYI is multi-faceted. Not only does she serve as a host for several popular programs, but she also works behind the scenes to create and develop compelling content. Her dedication to quality journalism and storytelling is evident in everything she does at the station.

Community Impact

Sharon’s work at WFYI has had a significant impact on the Indianapolis community. Her interviews with local leaders, engaging discussions on important issues, and dedication to sharing diverse perspectives have helped to foster a sense of connection and understanding among WFYI listeners.

Personal Touch

One of the things that sets Sharon apart as a broadcaster is her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. Whether she’s sharing her own experiences or engaging with listeners during a live program, Sharon’s warmth and authenticity shine through in everything she does.


Sharon Gamble is not only the voice of WFYI but also a cherished member of the Indianapolis community. Her dedication to quality programming, commitment to storytelling, and genuine connection with listeners make her a vital part of the station’s success.

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