Riding for a Cause: The Annual Brookings Dav Poker Run

Each year, motorcycle enthusiasts from all over gather for a meaningful and thrilling event – the Annual Brookings Dav Poker Run. This charity ride not only offers the excitement of hitting the open road, but also allows riders to support a noble cause.

What is the Brookings Dav Poker Run?

The Annual Brookings Dav Poker Run is an organized motorcycle ride that takes participants on a scenic route through the beautiful countryside of Brookings, South Dakota. The ride typically includes several stops at local businesses or landmarks where riders can collect poker cards to create a poker hand. At the end of the ride, a winner with the best poker hand is chosen and awarded a prize, but the real focus of the event is to raise funds for a deserving cause.

Supporting a Noble Cause

While the Poker Run is a fun and exciting event, it also serves a larger purpose. Each year, the organizers of the event select a local charity or cause to support through the funds raised from the ride. This can include organizations that support veterans, aid in disaster relief efforts, or provide assistance to community members in need. By participating in the Poker Run, riders are not only enjoying a thrilling ride, but also contributing to making a positive impact in the local community.

Joining the Poker Run

Participating in the Annual Brookings Dav Poker Run is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts who want to make a difference and have a great time on their bikes. Riders can register for the event and pay a small entry fee, which goes directly to support the chosen charity. In return, they get to enjoy a day of riding, camaraderie with fellow riders, and the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause.


The Annual Brookings Dav Poker Run is not just a motorcycle ride – it’s an opportunity to make a positive impact in the community while having a blast on two wheels. By joining the event, riders can support a worthy cause and show that the motorcycle community is dedicated to making a difference. So, gear up and get ready to ride for a cause at the next Brookings Dav Poker Run!

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