Scott Gambler 720: A Complete Review of the Ultimate Mountain Biking Machine


The Scott Gambler 720 is a top-of-the-line mountain biking machine designed for professional riders and serious enthusiasts looking to conquer even the most challenging terrains. Built with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this bike offers exceptional performance, control, and durability to fulfill the needs of riders seeking the ultimate biking experience.

Design and Construction

The Scott Gambler 720 features a sleek and lightweight design, constructed with high-quality materials to enhance performance and durability. The frame is crafted from robust aluminum, known for its strength and resistance to impacts. It provides a sturdy foundation while allowing for a responsive and agile ride. The bike’s components are expertly integrated with the frame, ensuring seamless functionality.


The Scott Gambler 720 is packed with features that make it stand out among its competitors:

1. Suspension System

The bike boasts a top-of-the-range suspension system, specifically designed for downhill performance. With its advanced FOX Float 40 Factory Air fork and FOX DHX2 Factory Coil shock, riders can effortlessly handle rough terrains and enjoy a smooth and controlled ride.

2. Drivetrain

The Gambler 720 is equipped with a reliable and precise Shimano Zee 10-speed drivetrain, providing seamless gear shifting and optimal power transfer. This ensures riders can tackle any incline or decline with ease, maintaining speed and control throughout their ride.

3. Braking System

Scott has outfitted the Gambler 720 with powerful Shimano Zee hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes provide exceptional stopping power, allowing riders to confidently navigate steep descents and technical sections, even in challenging weather conditions.

4. Wheels and Tires

The bike rolls on sturdy Syncros MD30 rims, offering excellent stability and durability. These wheels are coupled with MAXXIS Assegai tires, known for their exceptional grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. With this combination, riders can confidently tackle off-road trails and corners at high speeds.


The Scott Gambler 720 delivers outstanding performance on all terrains. Its suspension system effectively absorbs impacts, allowing for smooth navigation over rocks, roots, and bumps. The bike’s geometry provides excellent stability, making it easy to maintain control, while its drivetrain and braking system ensure efficient power transfer and reliable stopping power. Additionally, the Gambler 720’s lightweight construction enables riders to accelerate quickly and effortlessly conquer steep climbs.


The Scott Gambler 720 is the ultimate mountain biking machine for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its sleek design, cutting-edge features, and exceptional performance make it a top choice for riders looking to take their biking experience to new heights. With the Scott Gambler 720, conquer any trail and experience the thrill of mountain biking at its best.

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