The History of VFW Poker: From Pastime to Fundraiser

Early Days of VFW Poker

When Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts were first established in the early 20th century, members gathered for social activities to foster camaraderie among veterans. Poker quickly became a popular pastime, offering members a chance to relax and bond over friendly competition. These early games were purely recreational and were not used as a means of fundraising for the organization.

Poker as a Fundraising Tool

In the mid-20th century, VFW posts began to explore ways to raise funds to support their charitable efforts and community programs. Recognizing the popularity of poker among their members, many posts started hosting poker tournaments and fundraisers. These events not only provided a source of financial support for the VFW, but also helped to bring the community together for a common cause.

Regulation and Expansion

As poker became a staple of VFW fundraising efforts, the organization recognized the need for regulation to ensure fair play and adherence to local laws and regulations. VFW posts worked with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to host poker events, and established guidelines to govern the conduct of these games. The popularity of VFW poker fundraisers continued to grow, with more and more posts across the country embracing the tradition.

Modern Day VFW Poker

Today, VFW poker events have become an integral part of the organization’s fundraising efforts. These events attract veterans and community members alike, offering a fun and exciting way to support the VFW’s mission. The games often feature prizes for the winners, further adding to the appeal of participating. VFW poker fundraisers continue to thrive, providing essential support for veterans, their families, and the local communities served by the organization.

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