The Impact of Charitable Gambling Jobs on Minnesota’s Economy


Charitable gambling, particularly in the form of pull-tab games and bingo, plays a significant role in supporting various organizations and causes in Minnesota. Apart from the charitable benefits it provides, this sector also has a notable impact on the state’s economy by generating jobs and contributing to local businesses.

Job Creation

The charitable gambling industry in Minnesota provides employment opportunities for thousands of individuals across the state. These jobs encompass a range of roles, including operators and distributors of pull-tab games and bingo equipment, as well as employees at the numerous establishments where these games are conducted, such as bars and restaurants.

With approximately 1,200 licensed non-profit organizations involved in charitable gambling, the sector supports a diverse workforce. These jobs provide a means of income for countless Minnesota residents, contributing to the economic stability of both individuals and their families.

Economic Contribution

Charitable gambling establishments, such as bars and restaurants, benefit from the foot traffic generated by these activities. Gamblers often spend additional money on food, drinks, and other services while participating in these events. This increased patronage not only benefits the establishments directly but also has a positive ripple effect by supporting suppliers and service providers, such as farmers, distributors, and maintenance companies.

Moreover, the revenue generated from charitable gambling goes beyond the establishments themselves. A portion of the funds raised through pull-tabs and bingo is distributed to the non-profit organizations conducting the games. These organizations, in turn, utilize the resources to support their respective missions and initiatives, which can range from providing scholarships to supporting local community programs.

By contributing to the financial health of non-profit organizations, the charitable gambling industry indirectly supports various causes and community development efforts. These initiatives, in turn, have their own economic impacts through job creation, increased donor funding, and enhanced overall community welfare.


Charitable gambling in Minnesota not only serves to support worthy causes but also plays a crucial role in the state’s economy. The industry provides numerous jobs to individuals across the state, while also contributing to the success of local establishments. Furthermore, the revenue generated through these gambling activities supports non-profit organizations, allowing them to make a positive impact on communities and stimulating further economic growth.

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