The Ultimate Guide to the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a downhill mountain biking enthusiast, the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned is a bike that should be on your radar. This high-performance machine is designed to handle the most challenging terrain, making it the perfect choice for serious riders. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned, from its features and specifications to tips on how to get the most out of this top-of-the-line bike.

Features and Specifications

The Scott Gambler 900 Tuned is built for speed, control, and durability. It features a carbon frame that is both lightweight and incredibly strong, making it ideal for aggressive riding. The bike is equipped with a Fox 40 Float Factory fork and a Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock, providing 200mm of travel to absorb even the biggest hits. The Gambler 900 Tuned also comes with SRAM X01 DH 7-speed drivetrain, ensuring smooth and reliable shifting in any conditions.

Adjustability and Tuning

One of the key features of the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned is its adjustability. The bike comes with a slew of tuning options that allow riders to customize their riding experience. The rear shock, for example, has a three-position compression lever that riders can adjust on-the-fly to match the terrain they’re riding. Additionally, the bike’s head angle and bottom bracket height can be adjusted to suit different riding styles and preferences. These tuning options make it easy for riders to fine-tune the Gambler 900 Tuned to their exact specifications.

Riding Tips

For riders looking to get the most out of their Scott Gambler 900 Tuned, there are several tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to take the time to dial in the bike’s suspension settings to match your riding style and the terrain you’ll be riding. Experimenting with different settings can help you find the perfect balance of speed and control. Additionally, practicing proper body positioning and technique will allow you to take full advantage of the Gambler 900 Tuned’s capabilities.


The Scott Gambler 900 Tuned is a top-of-the-line downhill mountain bike that is sure to impress even the most discerning riders. With its high-quality components, adjustability, and top-notch performance, it’s no wonder that the Gambler 900 Tuned is a favorite among downhill enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to conquer the most challenging downhill tracks or simply enjoy a fast and exhilarating ride, the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned has everything you need to take your riding to the next level.

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