The Ultimate Guide to the World Series of Poker Cards

The Ultimate Guide to the World Series of Poker Cards

If you’re a fan of poker, then you’re probably familiar with the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This prestigious event is the pinnacle of the poker world, with top players from around the globe vying for the coveted WSOP bracelet and the title of world champion. One of the most iconic elements of the WSOP is the custom deck of playing cards that is used in all WSOP events. In this ultimate guide, we’ll take a closer look at these famous cards and what makes them so special.

History of the WSOP Cards

The official cards used in the WSOP are made by Copag, a leading manufacturer of playing cards. Copag has been the exclusive supplier of cards for the WSOP since 2005, and their cards have become synonymous with the event. The partnership between Copag and the WSOP has been a successful one, with the high-quality cards adding to the prestige of the tournament.

Features of the WSOP Cards

The WSOP cards are specially designed to meet the high standards demanded by professional poker players. They are made from premium PVC plastic, which gives them a superior feel and durability. This makes them perfect for the intense and competitive environment of the WSOP, where the cards are constantly being shuffled, dealt, and used.

In addition to their high-quality materials, the WSOP cards also feature a unique design that sets them apart from standard playing cards. The backs of the cards are adorned with the iconic WSOP logo, and the face cards feature custom artwork that reflects the prestige and history of the event. These special touches make the cards a cherished memento for players and fans alike.

Where to Get WSOP Cards

If you’re a fan of the WSOP and want to add a piece of poker history to your collection, you can purchase official WSOP cards from authorized retailers. These cards are the same ones used in the actual WSOP events, so you can bring a piece of the action into your own home games. Whether you’re a serious player or just a fan of the game, owning a set of WSOP cards is a great way to connect with the rich tradition of poker.


The World Series of Poker is a legendary event in the world of poker, and its custom deck of cards is a key part of its allure. Made from premium materials and featuring a unique design, the WSOP cards are a sought-after item for players and fans alike. Whether you’re a serious poker player or just a casual fan, owning a set of these iconic cards is a great way to celebrate the rich history of the game.

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