Uncovering the Haunted History of Port Gamble: A Paranormal Investigation

Port Gamble, located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state, is a small town with a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. The town’s history is filled with tales of hauntings and paranormal activity, making it an intriguing destination for ghost hunters and history enthusiasts alike. One group of paranormal investigators recently set out to uncover the haunted history of Port Gamble and explore the supernatural occurrences that have been reported in the area.

The History of Port Gamble

Founded in 1853, Port Gamble was originally a company town built by the Puget Mill Company for the housing of its workers. The town was named after the company’s owners, the Gamble family. Over the years, Port Gamble became a thriving community with a sawmill, a company store, and homes for workers and their families.

Reports of Hauntings

Despite its picturesque surroundings and charming architecture, Port Gamble has a dark undercurrent of paranormal activity. Many visitors and residents have reported strange occurrences and sightings of apparitions. Some of the most commonly reported hauntings include the ghost of a young girl who is said to wander the streets at night, as well as the spirits of former mill workers who are believed to still linger in the old buildings.

The Paranormal Investigation

Armed with state-of-the-art ghost-hunting equipment, a team of paranormal investigators set out to explore the haunted history of Port Gamble. The team spent several nights in the town, conducting EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions, using infrared cameras, and monitoring electromagnetic fields for signs of paranormal activity.

Discoveries and Findings

During their investigation, the team captured several unexplained EVP recordings and witnessed strange fluctuations in electromagnetic fields around certain buildings. They also reported feeling a distinct sense of unease and being watched while exploring the town at night. The investigators concluded that there is indeed a strong presence of paranormal activity in Port Gamble and vowed to return for further exploration.


Port Gamble’s haunted history continues to intrigue and captivate those with an interest in the supernatural. The town’s rich history and reported hauntings make it a hotspot for paranormal investigations and ghost tours. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the allure of Port Gamble’s haunted history is sure to draw you in and leave you with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

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