Understanding the Slang: What Does ‘Sando’ Mean in Gambling?

When it comes to gambling, there are many terms and slang that can be confusing for beginners. One such term is ‘sando’, which is often used in the context of betting and wagering. So, what exactly does ‘sando’ mean in gambling?

Definition of Sando in Gambling

In the world of gambling, ‘sando’ is a slang term that refers to a sandwich bet. This usually occurs when two bettors agree to place a certain bet on the outcome of a particular event or game. The sandwich bet is a friendly wager where there is no money involved, and the loser of the bet is required to buy the winner a sandwich.

Usage of Sando in Betting

The term ‘sando’ is commonly used in casual or friendly betting situations, where the stakes are low and the focus is more on having fun rather than winning money. It is often used among friends or colleagues as a way to add a little excitement to watching sports games or other events.

Understanding the Social Aspect

While ‘sando’ bets may not have any monetary value, they are still an important part of the gambling culture. They add a social and playful element to betting, making it more enjoyable and lighthearted. It’s a way for people to engage in friendly competition and show support for their favorite teams or players.


So, the next time you hear someone say “Let’s make a sando on this game”, you’ll know that they’re suggesting a friendly, non-monetary bet. It’s all in good fun, and a way to add a bit of excitement to the outcome of a game or event. Just remember, whether you win or lose a sando, at least you’ll have a delicious sandwich to look forward to!

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