Unmasking the Mystery: The Poker Face Creator Johnson Crossword Clue Revealed

For years, crossword enthusiasts have been stumped by the clue “Poker face creator Johnson.” The answer has eluded even the most seasoned solvers, leaving many to wonder if it was a typo or a deliberate trick by the puzzle creators. However, after much speculation and anticipation, the mystery has finally been unraveled.

The Clue

The crossword clue “Poker face creator Johnson” has kept puzzlers scratching their heads for a long time. The name “Johnson” seems to be the key to unlocking the answer, but it has remained elusive until now.

The Revelation

After extensive research and collaboration among crossword aficionados, the solution to the perplexing clue has been uncovered. The answer is “Jack,” as in Jack Johnson, the famous boxer known for his stoic expression and unflappable demeanor in the ring. This revelation has brought a sense of satisfaction to crossword enthusiasts who have been grappling with the clue for so long.

The Impact

With the mystery finally solved, crossword enthusiasts can now move on from the enigma of “Poker face creator Johnson” and focus on conquering other challenging clues. The revelation has also sparked discussions about the art of creating clues and the cleverness of puzzle makers in weaving together cryptic hints.


Unmasking the mystery of the “Poker face creator Johnson” crossword clue has brought a sense of closure to the crossword community. The triumph of solving a long-standing puzzle serves as a testament to the perseverance and ingenuity of avid solvers. As new crossword challenges await, the thrill of unraveling the next enigma continues to captivate enthusiasts around the world.

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